Positive Solutions are agents for several reputable manufactures of innovative patented products and systems.

An innovative and potentially non-destructive method of switching off corrosion in steel reinforcement cast into concrete.

We have successfully installed sacrificial Anode, corrosion protection into many structures such as Swimming pools, Bridges, Sea walls, Heritage Buildings, Multi story Car Parks and Jetties. Supported by local technical knowledge and experience.

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Effective, Resistant and Versatile. Using innovative surface placed structural reinforcing P.B.O Mesh designed specifically for concrete structures.

The product is Fireproof, can be applied to damp substrates and is quick and easy to apply. All this is now possible thanks to Ruredil X Mesh Gold - a composite reinforcement system designed specifically for concrete structures, applied without Epoxy resins and without carbon fibres. It has the advantages of Certified performance, easy application methods and assured results. The mesh is strong but light weight and bonds to the host structure with an easy to use cementitious mortar.

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There are many reasons why Protectosil is a brand which has gained an excellent reputation in the field of concrete structure and building protection.

Some of these are: Excellent product performance, reliable service, local technical support and measureable positive durable results. Evonic Protectosil is a clear impregnation coating which when applied to wide range of materials prevents water ingress and the entry of Chlorides and other chemicals carried into concrete by moisture. The benefits of using Protectosil exceed by far the cost.

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The Key advantages of using Basalt reinforcing in concrete are:- its High Tensile strength 2.5 times stronger than Steel, its chemical resistance is ideally suited for applications in highly corrosive environments.

It is 3.7 times lighter than Steel, non-magnetic electrically non-conductive and ideal for temporary reinforcement in tunnelling projects. Basalt reinforcing is the answer to those difficult situations when it is not possible to provide the preferred depth of concrete cover to the reinforcement or when a non-corrosive reinforcing bar is required to resist high level chemical attack situations. Easy to handle it is ideal for high level restoration work to Historical Buildings and convenient of difficult to reach applications.

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